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This website is made possible due to the generosity of the following organizations:

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  • Children’s Community Pediatrics-Armstrong

HEALTHY Armstrong Steering Committee
July 2016

Name Affiliation
Dr. Hal Altman ACMH
Jodi Beers ACMH Foundation
Gina Pferdehirt UPMC Health Plan
Dr. Patricia Cluss UPMC Health Plan
Hilary Brown Richard G. Snyder YMCA
Dr. Bob Cicco District III CATCH Facilitator
Dr. Kiran Bhat Children’s Community Pediatrics-Armstrong
LuAnn Fee Armstrong School District
John Lewis ACMH
Lynda Pozzuto Armstrong County Chamber of Commerce
Cheryl Soloski Armstrong School District
Pat Fabian County of Armstrong
Jason Renshaw County of Armstrong
Dr. Shauna Braun-Zukowski Armstrong School District
Chris DiVivo Armstrong School district
Ron Steffey Armstrong Trail
Dick Starr Armstrong Trail
Suzanne Boarts Penn State Cooperative Extension
Dennis Hawley Crooked Creek ELC
Gary Montebell Belmont Complex
Kevin Andrews Armstrong County Tourist Bureau
Joely Beeker Richard G. Snyder YMCA
Barri Sperski Headstart
Trisha Brice HEALTHY Armstrong
Marsha Dimmit Armstrong School District
Becky Culyba Carnegie Mellon University
Ryan Olsen Richard G. Snyder YMCA
Tabitha Reefer Community Member
Amanda Cochran Parent
Paula Berry Armstrong School District
Dana Scarpino UPMC Health Plan
Ken Heilman Armstrong County Community Action
Devin Lorigan Armstrong School District
Kay Owen ARTA
Missy Elko Community Member
Marcy Keibler Parent
Mary Frances Sulava Adagio Health/WIC
Anne McDermott ACMH
Mindy McClister Parent