2013 Kid Minutes are in!

Since 2006, HEALTHY Armstrong has been collecting data on Kid Minutes. What are Kid Minutes? Kid Minutes are a way of measuring how much structured physical activity goes on in schools when each school is… [view full article »]

ASD Kids on the Move!

Armstrong School District (ASD) elementary kids moved 898,591 minutes in October 2012.  All of this activity was part of the wellness programs which were supported by HEALTHY Armstrong. What is exciting about this information is… [view full article »]

HEALTHY Armstrong PEP Grant Success

Below you will find goals and outcomes from the HEALHTY Armstrong Annual Performance Report for year two of their three year PEP Grant.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at 724-543-8580.… [view full article »]


My daughter was considered a “fat child” and luckily her growth spurt stretched her up and thinned her out, but once we acknowledged there was an issue, we took the necessary steps to correcting the… [view full article »]

Healthy Snack book Vol. 2

I shared the Healthy Snacks cookbook with some of my friends here at the bank and they loved it! -Anonymous