Pittsburgh’s Venture Outdoors Rides the Armstrong Trail








It was a beautiful early fall day Saturday, September 27th, when 16 members of Venture Outdoors took to the Armstrong Trail by bicycle. The group was led by 2 Armstrong Rails to Trails Association (ARTA) members; Kay Owen and Toni Henry.  Starting at 10 AM at the Templeton Fish and Boat Commission lot the riders made several stops to view areas of interest or historic sites along the way. Stops included the old town of Grays Eddy, the Mahoning and Redbank Railroad Bridges, Lock & Dam 9, the Coaling Tower, the Brady Tunnel and the Phillipston Turntable.  Arriving in East Brady 15 miles later the riders enjoyed a lunch at the Methodist Church Fall Festival. Ice cream at the Old Bank Deli preceded the return ride to Templeton.

It seems that Venture Outdoors was not the only group with its eye on a ride on the Armstrong Trail that day. A group of 18 riders from a bicycling meet-up group started in Kittanning with a lunch and turnaround point of East Brady also. Several other small groups or solo riders and walkers were passed both in town and along the trail.

Bringing trail traffic into our towns has long been a goal of ARTA. With 30 miles of trail complete from Rosston to East Brady, with only a few short share the road sections,  it is expected that this activity will continue to increase. Bicyclists are looking for services like food, lodging, bike repair shops and specialty stores. Our small towns along the trail can meet these needs.

For more information on the Armstrong Trail go to armstrongrailstotrails.org or find Armstrong  Rails to Trails on Facebook. Additional information for Venture Outdoors can be found at www.ventureoutdoors.org

Venture Outdoors riders included Liz Ruzycki, Daniel Hammer, William Kabazie, Larry Bering, Mary-Kate Minnick, James Rossetti, Donna Matessa, Matt Matessa, Alice Scott, David Scott, Susan Sandusky, Douglas Davidson, Janis Fink, Andy Foster, Joe Harkiewicz, Mary Anne Swiergol.

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