Cooking Classes for Kids: July 2014

HEALTHY Armstrong held two cooking class for children ages 8 to 12 years at the Kittanning Public Library on July 8th and 14th.  A total of fifteen kids participated in the classes, which were taught by Trisha (HEALTHY Armstrong’s Project Coordinator), Tabitha (intern), and Marisa (volunteer). The kids made sloppy garden Joes, sweet potato patties, apple coleslaw, and cantaloupe coolers.  Most of the children were from several schools in the county, such as Divine Redeemer, Lenape Elementary, and West Hills Intermediate. Two children were homeschooled, and one was visiting from Virginia. The sloppy garden Joes were a hit among the young chefs, while they did not care as much for the apple coleslaw.  These recipes gave the kids a variety of new food experiences.  Children listed sloppy Joes, sweet potatoes, apple coleslaw, and cantaloupe as foods they have never tried before the class.  In addition to cooking these healthy recipes, the children were also taught proper hand hygiene using Glo-Germ to demonstrate the bacteria on their hands, knife skills, and nutritional information that went along with the recipes we made.  Children were asked to list one thing they learned during the cooking class. Responses included, “healthy food is good”, “how to use a knife”, “how much bacteria is on your hands”, “how to cook”, and “carrots are good for your skin”.  The vast majority of children said that they would make these recipes at home with their family. A big thank you to the Kittanning Public Library for allowing us to hold the cooking classes in your new kitchen!


Interested in trying these recipes?

Sloppy Garden Joes

Sweet Potato Patties

Apple Coleslaw

Cantaloupe Coolers

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