2013 Kid Minutes are in!

Since 2006, HEALTHY Armstrong has been collecting data on Kid Minutes. What are Kid Minutes? Kid Minutes are a way of measuring how much structured physical activity goes on in schools when each school is doing different kinds of activities. Measurements have been completed every year since October 2006. Kid Minutes are measured by multiplying the minutes of active physical behavior by the number of times the activity happens by the number of kids participating each time.

For example:

How many minutes does the exercise take place? 3

How often: 5 school days/week (or 23 days that month)

How many kids each time? 270

3 x 23 x 270= 18,630 Kid Minutes!

With the implementation of the HEALTHY Armstrong programs in the elementary schools, the total number of Kid Minutes per school have increased in every elementary school in the Armstrong School District! At the baseline year in 2006, students were participating in 402,142 Kid Minutes total. In 2013, elementary students participated in 775,767 total Kid Minutes! That means the each student participated in an average of 261 minutes per month in 2013 compared to in 2006 when each student was only participating in an average of 125 Kid Minutes per month. Kid Minutes do not include physical education classes, so this shows that kids are increasing their amount of structured physical activity in school and learning healthy habits that can last a lifetime.


For great resources on nutrition and exercise for your family, visit the links on our Resource Page for Parents!

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