HEALTHY Armstrong’s Workplace Walk Series

HEALTHY Armstrong’s intern, Julie Lizik, is doing a series of “Workplace Walks” for the Armstrong County Courthouse, F&M Bank, ACMH, and the ACMH Patient Access located in Ford City.  Upon getting her degree in Public Health from Slippery Rock University, she is required to do a service project first.  Workplace Walks is an effort to get the employees of those locations out during part of their lunch break to get some fresh air, relieve stress, and get exercise with hopes that the employees will continue to do this after the walking series.

On Wednesday, July 24th, 2013, ACMH Patient Access located in Ford City, participated in HEALTHY Armstrong’s first Workplace Walk.  The outcome of employees who participated was more than expected, which was good!  All of the employees really seemed to enjoy the walk.  They all seemed very lively and the walk also seemed to get their mind off work for a while.

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