ASD Kids on the Move!

Armstrong School District (ASD) elementary kids moved 898,591 minutes in October 2012.  All of this activity was part of the wellness programs which were supported by HEALTHY Armstrong.

What is exciting about this information is that our kids are increasing their levels of physical activity each year.  The illustration graphically shows the increases since 2006.

Below: The number of active minutes for ASD elementary students continues to increase; Total Kid Minutes in one school month each year (year 2006-2012-left to right)







Not only have the total minutes increased for ASD elementary students but the average number of minutes per student at each school has increased from the baseline year of 2006 through 2012.  Below is a graph depicting the average at each elementary school.

Below: Average Kid Minutes per Student at each school has increased from baseline to the present; through 2012 (year 7)






Congratulations ASD!  Keep Moving!!!



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