My daughter was considered a “fat child” and luckily her growth spurt stretched her up and thinned her out, but once we acknowledged there was an issue, we took the necessary steps to correcting the problems.  Minimizing her food portions, eliminating sugar drinks, and junk consumption was all our family needed to do to help her reach a healthy weight.  The whole family participated and is all in equal agreement that we all feel and look better for toughing it out.  I will admit at first it was difficult to break some of our bad habits, but the effort will be seen for years to come.  We not only helped out 11 year old look and feel better about herself, we taught her lifelong skills that hopefully she will obey.  Our reward systems had always been sweets.  Hit the ball in the outfield and we will go for ice cream.  Now it is, ‘let’s go for fruit smoothies!’

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